Architecture & Urban Planning
Floral Ice Museum of Guggenheim
RAH Master Plan Multi Cultural & Shopping Center
Cube Biomatric Center
Taiwan Cultural Center
Church Cultural Center
Gosan Public Library
Floral Arch Museum of Afghanistan
Mission International Mixed-use Office Tower
Taiwan Female Sustainable Tower
MTR Station 20
Mumbai Internation Airport
Residential Tower, Lima, Peru
5 Starred Hotel, Mumbai, India
Residential Tower in Financial District
Office Tower Shell Renovation, Washington DC, United States
Inside-Out Varna City Library
Reel Stair, Design + Built
Trianglmnant Ryde Civic Center
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M-Hotel Hotel Renovation
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Architecture & Interior Design Firm in Hong Kong. Our service includes Library, Museums, Church, Residential Tower, Office Tower, Hotel, Airport, MTR Station, Art Center, Shopping Arcade, etc. We love to challenge new projects that require unique ideas.