Architecture & Urban Planning
Floral Ice Museum of Guggenheim
Showroom Interior Design + Build
RAH Master Plan Multi Cultural & Shopping Center
Cube Biomatric Center
Taiwan Cultural Center
1. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Coffee Shop Design + Build
2. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Coffee Shop Design + Build
Church Cultural Center
Gosan Public Library
Floral Arch Museum of Afghanistan
Mission International Mixed-use Office Tower
Taiwan Female Sustainable Tower
MTR Station 20
Mumbai Internation Airport
Residential Tower, Lima, Peru
5 Starred Hotel, Mumbai, India
Residential Tower in Financial District
Office Tower Shell Renovation, Washington DC, United States
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Nene Chicken & Shinmapo at Kwai Fong Interior Design + Build
HanBing Korean Dessert Cafe Interior Design + Build
Cedele Bakery Dining, Interior Design, Fashion Walk
Oracle Skincare Office Design + Build
Inside-Out Varna City Library
Reel Stair, Design + Built
Nene Chicken Langham Interior Design + Build
Town Reincarnation Suncheon Art Center
Trianglmnant Ryde Civic Center
Wonder Bunker Mulmangol Bunker Regeneration
Archlay Crafted Multi-Cultural Center, Shenzhen
Half+Half Circle at Mid-Level Interior Design
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M-Hotel Hotel Renovation
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3. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Coffee Shop Design + Build
We are Architectural & Interior Design Firm in Hong Kong. TheeAe is abbreviation of the evolved architectural eclectic. Its name is an idea and dedication to create contextual architecture. Hence, our goal has been always the idea to bring newness from the past that will bring comfort and freshness.  The sense of beauty is related to nature which is embedded into our conscience and mainly we learn from our life time environment around us. The beauty is always relative yet we have common ground that we would agree ‘it is good’. The architectural beauty is not different from it. It is like native ingredient that would never be found in other places.  It is a native plant grown in the region. Thus, it is our history that is connected to cultural & surrounding environment. Likewise, the beauty we seek will ultimately bring mutual understanding of past and future. Its interpretation enhances the existing context. It is to make the memory of the past and the current culture into the city.  The perception and recognition from ones’ experience will relate to the beauty of the new architecture. Hence past is evolved to bring newness to present. At result, we believe our architectural design will FIND THE VALUE OF WHAT LIES IN OUR SURROUNDINGS THAT ENRICH OUR LIVES.  Our design will evolve. It will be easily mingled into existings yet creating the newness as the old has been evolved. Our understanding of environment is to know more about people and their lives. Furthermore, making an effort to find contextual beaty in desinging will ultimately bring suitable outcome to benifit us.  Our Design service includes interiors for office, coffee shop, general restaurant, office & hotel lobby, shopping mall interior and for architectural works, library, office tower, airport, hotel, museum, church, master planning, residential/apartment tower, house etc.  大愛建築設計事務所, 建築設計, 商场設計, 裝修設計, 室內設計, 辦公室設計, 住宅公寓設計,饭店設計, 圖書館設計, 博物館設計
Interior Design & Design+Build
2007 ~ 2008
2009 ~ 2010
2005 ~ 2006
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2011 ~ 2012
Architecture & Interior Design Firm in Hong Kong. Our service includes Library, Museums, Church, Residential Tower, Office Tower, Hotel, Airport, MTR Station, Art Center, Shopping Arcade, etc. We love to challenge new projects that require unique ideas.
Office Tower