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Design Concept Memory Illumination reconciles the design of a memorial honoring those who lost their lives during World War II.  The design creates a sequence that represents war, sacrifice, and peace.  Each phase of the sequence is symbolized by architectural elements. The lawn upon the site is the existing world. The retaining wall with the cracks represents the conflict and chaos of war. Just beyond, glass panels symbolize the soldiers’ efforts to keep peace. The glass illuminates the past conflict and chaos of the war represented in the massive retaining wall. Seeing and remembering the past behind the glass,  people remember how the war terribly took away many peoples’ lives. Finally, they meet a monument with glass embracing a concrete tower revealing the peace of the world, while at the same time, showing the effort and sacrifice in keeping that peace.
THE SYMBOLISM OF THE GLASS WALL Glass as a material not only shows what is, but what is beyond as well. The glass contains the soldiers’ names, honoring their lives in the war. As well, it helps us remember the past, expressing the war’s debris through the massive crack in the wall.
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