Design Concept The season of the grey mullet festival comes, fishermen in town hurry to prepare the festival and to capture the grey mullet for the visitors to provide fresh sushi. Fisher bore heading toward the area the mullet reside very quietly. They launched the nets and wait for the mullet. When there are enough mullet gathered, the captain of the fishers gives a sign. Now it is the time to pull the nets one by one and ship by ship. There are sounds of water. Tons of fish is jumping around in the net to find any chance to escape. When all this happens, sea water transforms as a form of life by bubbles. The fish jumps and moves here and there creating these bubbles as much as it is the form of art in the water and happiness of Gadeokdonian, and the life of Gadeokdo.  
THE URBAN pattern is not realistic all the time, since we can’t predict the future development as far as we expected. Things are going to be changed. The urban spatial patterns for the Gadeokdo is the interconnection of existing structure and new sustainable development as a starting point of the hybrid connection of bubbles would merge into the current environment. To address this urban concept, we have used bubble space diffused into the existing to create or develop the existing landscape. Trees are added to create a better space for the road and improve the space which connect the ideas of the imaginable resort land. New road are made to create a path for the public and improve streets. Existing streets are interconnected with the new road. It also lead people to the new nature of the town. This approach, which has links to historical land pattern, creates ambiguous space with the current and new development. Then it will lead the entire island into a unique city in Busan and even in the world.
Urban design Pattern comparison
1. Improve the pedestrian experience of the each district. 2. Provide a greener setting and multiple points of interest. 3. Keep cars on the street & maintain vehicular movement. 4. Introduce large trees to provide shade, rhythm and a human scale. 5. Create new, comfortable east/west connections. 6. Create new opportunities for infill development along the street. 7. Create a hierarchy of new streetscape elements to add interest and support pedestrian activity. 8. Realize the monumental potential of the mountain & its relationships to the town. 9. Create multiple new nodes or designations for shoppings,transportations, monuments and other interpretive elements. 10. Improve overall connectivity in the area 11. Maintain vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle access along the each district zone. 12. Accommodate future circulatory fuel-cell bus onto the Promenade & to the Overlook site. 13. Introduce a way finding system to provide improved connections from the Light rail ,the Mall, Cultural center, waterfront, etc. 14. Enhance the pedestrian experience along existing street and new streets.
Island Development Gadeokdo, Busan, South Korea Design Proposal Site plan & Residential Unit for Sustainable Ideas using sea water to help heating and cooling control of the house. .
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